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Grossly OverReviewed

This page is dedicated to some of the miraculously exuberant reviews that Grossly Overwritten receives. Reviewers, my gift in return is a dose of your own medicine, a review of your review.

Ana, it appears as though you are referencing my unfortunate childhood cat-ownership experience when you referring to my leavings of people in a state of ‘howling’. As a 5 year old with little regard for rational thought, I decided to experiment with the introduction of the family cat to the wild pack of thirsty beast-canine in the backyard next door. I don’t remember much of the proceedings, but I do recall having nightmares of blood dripping fangs on German Shepherds and howling like victorious wolves. I am indebted to your kind words, as they will haunt my dreams in remembrance of dear Chrysler, the family tabby-cat.

Sara, you saucy minx. I too am awaiting the sweet release of Volume 2. Reason being, I’m a self-aware robot that is programmed to only be rewarded by a sense of completion. Therein lies the challenge, complete that which appears to be on a timeline to infinity. DO NOT COMPUTE!

Sammy, you share the name of today’s lunch. You are delicious in my book, especially with a delicious Capicola and gluten-free bread particles. Thank you for your wonderful review; and I’ll have you know that I will make a real attempt to produce a paperback version that accelerates the ability to entertain yourself on a flight. I know that multitasking is important to people on the go such as yourself…

What do you think?

BLS, how could you be such a fence sitter? You’re like that insignificant gentleman who ruined his acting career by being on Home Improvement with Tim Allen. What a bullshit job. If you’re cast as the neighbor in a major television series and will be required to only appear with a fence in front of your face, you’d better stash all of your earnings. Nobody in Hollywood will ever recognize your eyes and forehead, I can assure you. He might as well have been the flying monkey in Wizard of Oz. Cruel world, man.

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