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Not Another Gross Story Collection about Drunk Dudes

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Any shmucky college frat guy will tell you he has tons of awesome stories with his bros and he should be on a reality show. No disrespect to the Greek system, but this is nothing like that and if this site ever feels that way to you…please shoot my face.

My hope is to illuminate the sense of bad luck and deconstruct it, parody the un-parody-able, and overall write things that I find entertaining in a unique way. I write stuff that I want to read. I like flowery dialogue when talking about poop, and brash one-line jokes when it totally takes away from the jist of the story. I can’t avoid using them anyways. Fuck me, right?

The second collection of stories is really hitting it’s stride on the editing tables and it could be a few short weeks-month away from being launched. It’s been a very long time comin’, but such is life; It comes long.